Do you Smilebox?

Saturday, February 25, 2012
I use Smilebox ALL THE TIME! I use it for my first grade classroom and I use it for my many, many pictures and videos of T!

Smilebox quickly loads pictures into a slideshow with super cute designs. It allows you to add music-their tunes or your own! It even, for free, allows you to share the slideshow, add it to your site, etc.

This is not a paid spot, Smilebox did not ask me to do this--I am just a HUGE FAN!

 Click HERE to see it in action...and it is FREE! :)

                     (Click pic to see a Smilebox of T!)

Do you already use Smilebox? Do you have another favorite photo/video site you love? Share!

If you would like the web address for my class site, please leave a comment w/your email address or email me at and I'll share it that way. Thanks! 

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