The New and Improved Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012
I will be the first to admit that Valentine's Day is not my favorite day. My brother passed away seven years ago and we laid him to rest on Valentine's Day. Until we had T three years ago, I had stopped celebrating. I put on the happy face for my firsties, but that was pretty much it. My husband would still give me a card, but that is just because he is so awesome.  Even with my T, it took a little while for me to cross over to the world of V Day again. What did the trick? Last year, I looked into T's big brown eyes and saw a little of my brother. There he was-acting a fool and telling me how good he looked-J that is, not T. I decided that V Day was an opportunity to share the love I have for my brother with T. I can now officially say, I am ok with Valentine's Day. (I still don't love it, but I am ok with it!)

With that being said, here are the books T and I will be reading this year......
Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse! (If You Give...)We gave this treasure to T's teacher this week. You just can't go wrong with Laura Numeroff! The little mouse creating his sweet card reminds me of my little guy (and the mess he makes!)

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch (paperback)MY FAVORITE Valentine story! If you have not read this story, go to the library and check it out! Then go straight to the bookstore and buy it! Eileen Spinelli will leave an impression on your heart. Mr. Hatch is a rather a grump until one day he receives a mystery box of chocolates. His whole world turns around! He makes friends, smiles a lot, etc! Then Mr. Hatch comes to find that the box was not meant for him. Your heart break will break for Mr. Hatch! Will there be a happy ending? Read to find out!

It costs about $8 on Amazon if there is no bookstore within driving distance! T and I read it online at Story Line Online. This free site is AWESOME! If you are looking for another free online read, visit We Give Books

Olive, My LoveYou can't go wrong with this one! Olive receives a mystery Valentine and his friends help him discover who sent it. The play on words with "all of my love" is fun and it gets me giggling every time! My firsties read and reread this one every year. It is about $10.

(Click on any picture to view book on Amazon.)

I wish you and yours a very Happy Valentine's Day! Celebrate the ones you love. Make it a day to share the love you have for others with our own little Valentines. 

Now for the big question....will you be making or purchasing Valentines this year? 

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