Bath Time Predicament

Saturday, February 11, 2012
Mommy friends, I need help! T does not like bath time! We have tried toys, bath fizzies, etc! Please send some advice my way! Seriously, this daily ritual has got to get easier!


  1. My friend has just suggested not bathing-for the record, that is not an option! Ha!

  2. Have you considered changing his name to "Pigpen"?

    Is bath time part of his "get ready for bed" routine? If so, that might be more of the problem than the bath itself. Perhaps a change in routine is all that is necessary.

    Does he like to swim? Let him wear his swim trunks in the tub and pretend you have an indoor pool that requires soap for anyone who uses the pool. Then, of course, one can't leave the pool area in drippy swim trunks so a quick wipe of the previously covered area and you've got a clean kid.

    My mom once had to hose off my brother outside because he was so dirty. It might be the wrong time of the year to give that one a try.

    Good luck! Never forget, you're the parent and sometimes the negotiations end with that statement alone.

  3. I am liking the swim trunks! I might try that this week. You crack me up!!
    He oddly enough is ok with bedtime. His big fuss if the hair!

  4. Have you tried bath crayons. There is something about being able to color on the walls of the bathtub that makes being in the bath fun. Now, if you can just tell me how to get two tweens to take a shower on a regular basis. ;)

  5. My son didn't like getting his hair washed either. We bought him a shaving kit and let him "Shave" when he took a tub. Perhaps a special washcloth to put over the eyes when you wash his hair.

  6. I love these ideas! Thanks guys! I am going to try them all! He is fine once we get in there, but the ordeal leading up to it is aaaaagravating!


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