Late Night Snack...and a Book!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
T came home from work (with Daddy) a little late this evening. He was having his snack at the table when a book caught the corner of his eye...."I wanna read that one, Mommy!" I passed Buzz Buzz Busy Bees ($6) his way, and away he went into a delightful world of make believe. 

Check out those muscles! Takes after his Daddy!

The book features fuzzy little bees that T loved from the get go! It is a counting book focusing loosely on subtraction (each page has one less bee.) It is a great choice for 2-5 year olds (though not recommended for those under 3.) To be honest, the illustrations are a bit much for my eyes and T's too. It was hard for him to assess what was happening on each page. Don't get me wrong-they are super cute, but a little much! Outweighing the overdone pictures is the biggest plus of the book (in T's opinion)-the buzzing! The book actually buzzes and he just loves it! That means we will return to this book again and again. As annoying as that buzz is, that makes me super happy!

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