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Monday, July 11, 2011
Sorry for my absence! I have just returned from a week in NYC at Columbia College! Stay tuned for book recommendations and tidbits from the workshop!

O! how I dreamt of things impossible. William Blake

This is how Eric Carle's Dragons Dragons and Other Things That Never Were begins. It is a large book (in height and width) and is full of fun, short poems. Mythological creatures including the hippocamp, manticore, phoenix, yeti, and okolo fill the pages in classic Eric Carle form. We did not read every page, but we did look at every picture. I know next time, we can check out more of the words! You can purchase the book on Amazon for around $12.00 and it is worth every penny. While T enjoys the pics now, I know he will enjoy the poetry later. (Mommy does!)

T was terrified of the dragon page, but thrilled that it unfolded into one large long page. His favorite was the unicorn. He even drew a few pics to go with the story. I had hoped he would be drawn to "Ganesha, Ganesha is a wise old God. If you're ever in India, do visit a bit where he likes to sit and maybe your wish will come true." (Myra Cohn Livingston) He looked at the page, said, "hmm elephant" and kept going. We had a short chat about India (which is what he calls his play kitchen area) and moved on to the next page. Curious about the next page? It is beautiful sphinx.

Teachers working on a mythology unit, poetry, or a study of Eric Carle MuSt have this book. Older students will be familiar with Eric Carle and will be thrilled to see him reappear!

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