Fun with Numbers!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011
So, that is actually the name of the book we read, but it is also totally true! I found this at a thrift store and am so glad I did! Fun with Numbers, an Usborne book, was a huge hit with T!
The book is full of beautiful illustrations and math activities that coordinate with each picture. T's favorite page is....the spiders. I thought it would be the trucks, but again he surprised me! Here is what the spider page says,
How many spiders are there altogether?
How many legs does each spider have?
Which spider has the most legs?
Cut some pieces of yarn for the legs. Put them on the spiders so that each one has 8 legs.

How cool is that! When I taught in Mobile, we were part of the Mobile Math Initiative with Honi Bamberger. I think she would drool over this book! Research tells us children need early exposure to math concepts and doing it through literature is a perfect match!  The book is designed for the earliest mathematician but could be used well into first grade! I envision at-home math fun, a take home math baggie, and even a center.

T and I counted the critters/objects on each page. We pointed to each spider and T said, "1, 2, pink, 6, blue, spider, 3..." Well, you get the idea! We have been working on colors, so I am actually thrilled to the gill! He did say 7 after I said 6, so again...I celebrate! 

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