They Say Its Your Birthday!

Saturday, June 6, 2015
Today is my birthday! Woo hoo! I'm one of those people who enjoys a good birthday. I like receiving cards in the mail (which I never open until the actual day) and the always sweet handmade card T creates. I like birthday lunch and a sweet birthday treat, too. I guess you could say I'm a birthday loving girl!
I haven't always been this way. In fact, my birthday used to be just a birthday. As I get older though and began that slow climb to 40, I find myself getting a little fiesty. Maybe it's the old age talking, but I feel like I'm rocking my late 30's! 

At the conference I attended last week, I sat with a group of young, young, young teachers. They were a fun group. One of them asked me how long I had been teaching and there was a loud gasp. "Wow! I don't know if I'll make it that long." They had between 1-3 years experience and none were over 25. That's right, 25 years old. That's when I let out a loud internal gasp! 

It made me think about being 25. I loved 25. I was dating N. I was teaching kindergarten. I was goofing off, hanging out, traveling. Then I thought about 30. I had gotten married. I was teaching first grade. We'd bought a home in Atlanta. We traveled. Then I thought about 35. I had become a mommy. We packed up our little guy and kept on traveling.  Here I am looking at 38. I have an almost first grader and super cute 4 month old. I'm teaching and still loving it and we are packing our bags for California. 

That walk down memory lane should have made me feel old. I've been alive a long 3 decades and quite a few singles. It didn't make me sad though. It made me happy. On birthdays, happy should always outweigh the sad, good should always win over evil, cake should be full of sugar and void of calories, and old should be thought of as the new young!

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