How I Messed Up Imaginary Play

Saturday, June 20, 2015
We love using our imaginations around here. T had an imaginary friend for years and we actually miss that guy (and his siblings.) His name was Monjer and he had a brother named John Ponjer. He also had 9 other siblings who lived near and far. Monjer had special abilities and went everywhere we went. My favorite memories of Monjer were the car rides.  T would narrate their many adventures and my heart would smile. It was imaginative and creative and in what seemed like a blink, Monjer left. (He had to go to China, you understand.)

While Monjer has moved on, T's imagination stays strong. He runs a secret service agency now and I occasionally get to help on missions. The agency is top secret by the way. Just yesterday we were rescuing animals. I pushed the button to put on my gear and starting walking carefully around the ocean floor. I was feeling quite proud of my performance, even adding a few moves to show I was being careful around the coral. 

That's when T said, "Ok, good news, I see the blue whale (side eye and voice change) and I see you think we are walking on the moon and not on the ocean floor, that's ok though."

I lost it. I got so tickled and started laughing so hard and then he started laughing so hard. I explained my walk and my extra moves and he put his hand on my shoulder and said, "It's ok mommy. Let's just rescue that whale." 
I thought I had blown it. I thought that whale would never be rescued. I thought this was my last mission. But imagination won. T's imagination won. Just like that, we were back on track and that blue whale is safe and sound. 

Now, I really just hope I'll be invited on another mission.....maybe into space. :)

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