The Friday Before Winter Break

Friday, December 19, 2014
What a week! 
Who are we kidding? What a month--assessments, sick students, assessments, holiday parties, paperwork, crafts, and so on! 

With all the craziness of this time of year, I had the very best thing happen this week. Over the last couple of months, or when I order books from +Scholastic, I have been choosing books for my students. I make a little list with their names and 3 or 4 topics they are into. I mark them off as I find a book I think they will like. It is cheesy, but I do it every year and I enjoy the challenge! 
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T helped me wrap the books and personalized pencils one afternoon. He's such a little helper and was equally excited to share the books! Wednesday morning, I gathered my class and we sat on the edge of the carpet during morning meeting. I told them I had something very special to give them.  One fun little boy said, "It's probably books." I grinned. Then, just like Santa (especially with this baby belly,) I passed out presents to all the little girls and boys! 

Guys, they opened their gifts and went nuts. 

"I've always wanted this book!" 
"I love it Mrs. S.!" 
"Look, look, I got a Who Would Win!"
"It's a 3D book!"

There were hugs and more hugs and thank yous and "can we go read them now?"

I was speechless and teary eyed. They went off and read their books happily and my heart smiled! They have become quite the little group of readers and quite the little community. Merry Christmas to me! 

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  1. How sweet!! What a treasure to give to your little treasures! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!


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