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Monday, December 22, 2014
I love our Christmas tree. It is a perfect little representation of our family. It is a montage of memories, an explosion of color and a blast to decorate. There is no rhyme or reason to it, we just put the ornaments on and where every they land is their perfect spot! 

We have friends who do not bother with trees, friends who have their trees professionally decorated, friends with trees in every room and everything in between! I say, whatever floats your boat and this is what floats ours!

She is a little over 7 ft tall and she is 100% fake. Well, she has little pine cones and things that make her look less fake, but she is fake friends-plastic, phony, bogus, mock, an imitation if you will! We have a fake tree and I like it! T can't handle the smell of real and N would likely sneeze all month, too. So there you have it!
Of course, the best part of a tree is the ornaments! When we remember, we always try to pick up an ornament from our vacations. This one is from a trip to DC in 2009. My big sister, N and I took T when he was 6 months old. We've been back a couple of times since, but this is still my favorite travel ornament!
Our tree also proudly displays team love for the Falcons, the little baby bears for each year (they stop at 4 though) and the little homemade treasures from each year. The blue one though, that sparkly blue one is the only one like it on the tree and it is my favorite one in the universe! My Granny gave each of us a box of her ornaments years ago and each year I hang just one on the tree. I'm so afraid they will break! I love it. It sits front and center and makes me smile. Come to think of it, ornaments are my very favorite decoration!

How do you jazz up your real or fake tree?

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  1. My Christmas tree is very special to me as well! I love to see the excitement on my granddaughter's face every year when we decorate it. You know, a Christmas tree can tell such a story as you ponder over each ornament and think about where each one came from or when your child made it. I even have one on my tree that my Sunday school teacher made when I was 12 years old. I am such a "got to buy an ornament everywhere I go" kind of girl that my tree is not lacking for ornaments. So, I have lots of stories to tell my granddaughter when she sees the tree.
    When my son moved out on his own, I boxed up his ornaments that I bought through the years for him and gave it to him. He really appreciated it and it was great to know I helped him start his own Christmas tree and to help him capture his own traditions. Now he is married and I'm not sure that I saw the ornaments up on their tree this time, but that is ok. I know he has them treasured somewhere in his house. :) Once my daughter got married and moved into a house of her own, I did the same thing for her. And with money tight at her house, she greatly appreciated them! I have even started a little collection for my granddaughters, too!
    I also have a small Christmas tree at school that sits behind my desk with ornaments from students through the years. I love it and the students always ask me about it. When I show them ornaments of children who are grown up now, they are amazed!! It is a special tree indeed!!
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!! Linda g.


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