5 Gifts for Teachers

Friday, December 12, 2014
My sweet friend called this week and said, "Ok, I want to get M's teacher a gift for Christmas. What should I NOT get?" I laughed so hard!! She explained that in kindergarten, the class collected funds and gave the teacher a $150 gift card to Barnes and Noble. She loved the idea but was excited that this year she could choose something for the teacher.
I decided to do an informal poll of teacher friends and share the results with my friend and you! 

Of course, we all know the best gifts are the thank you cards, hugs and smiles we get every single day! Teachers appreciate every single gift no matter how big or small! This post is for fun! 

Top 2 Gifts to NOT give a teacher:

1. Smelly Stuff
Unless you know a teacher's favorite scent, steer clear of scented lotions, candles, etc. This was number one on the list! Due to allergies and sensitive snouts, this is one to avoid for sure. 

2. Teacher Mugs
This was pretty high on the poll. The one brought up the most was the ceramic mug with A+ teacher on it. Apparently, teachers have enough of those. However, Tervis tumblers and Starbucks mugs were stamped with approval!

Top 3 Gifts to give a teacher! 

1. Gift Cards
This one was number one on the teacher list! Size and location did not matter! $5 to Starbucks~yes! $5 to Subway~perfect! $10 to Amazon~great! $20 to TJMaxx~you shouldn't have! $50 to a favorite restaurant~aw shucks! 

2. Lunch
Another big hit, bringing the teacher lunch. I've had parents do this before and it is pretty fabulous! Share the menu, take the order and let them know it is coming. I'll be doing this for T's teachers when I go on maternity leave! 

3. School Stuff
Everyone seemed to agree that you can't go wrong with sticky notes, fun pens, and fabulous notepads. This one is pretty easy, too! 

There you have it! 5 gifts for teachers this holiday season, for better or worse!! 

As a teacher, I really do love and appreciate every single gift and goodie. As a mom, I love showing my appreciation to T's teachers. As a teacher, I also enjoy notes from the parents and kids. They mean so much. So this year, T's teachers are receiving gift cards, a little something special he picked out, and a thank you note. I wish I could give them the moon!

What gift or goodie will you be giving your child's teacher this year?

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