What We're Reading Sunday

Sunday, October 18, 2015
Thank you checking out our (almost) weekly post, What We're Reading Sunday!

Keeping it real, friends. Want to know what I've been reading? Family Fun, All You, and Time. I have been in the mood for short and satisfying reads and I love it! I haven't had the time to commit to a long read and that's ok. I even told my class about it! I've stumbled upon a Halloween craft, a recipe that I saved but will likely never prepare, and a bed and breakfast in Savannah that I truly hope to visit one day! That is some mighty fine reading! 

As for T, we are reading a book in the Magic Bone series together. It is cracking him up and that makes his reader heart happy.
He is all about this Sports Illustrated Kids Puzzle book, too. He loves a good challenge!
He is also still obsessed with Who Would Win books and I don't blame him. I learn something new every time I read one! 
Baby M is reading whatever T reads. He sits and grabs the book, gnaws the edges, and hits T's knees. It is pretty sweet. 

What are YOU reading?

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