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Sunday, October 11, 2015
Thank you for checking out our (almost) weekly post, What We're Reading Sunday!

Of all the teacher books I have read in the last, I'm going to say year, this one is the one I recommend most. In fact, I'm going to put it all out there and say that if you teach reading K-5, you should get this book. Right now. Like, don't wait. Meet The Reading Strategies Book Jennifer Serravallo.
I sat down to write out my lesson plans for small groups and felt so empowered flipping through the pages of the book. There are 3 chapters just on informational reading and the layout is the most teacher friendly I have EVER seen. It has everything you need to plan groups and even whole group lessons as needed. If the Units of Study are your body, you need this book as your legs! 

This book was written for me. It was written for teachers by someone who gets us-Jennifer Serravallo. I love her other books, too (see below) but this one is hands down my favorite. Maybe it is because this is filling a current void for me. Maybe it is the easy to use format. Maybe it is because I can use this book for years to come, no matter what grade I'm teaching! 
Come friends, see for yourself....
 Each section has strategy, genres, levels it is appropriate for, teacher language, and a visual. There are also tips, too. 
You can't borrow this one. You can't share it with your teacher bestie. You need your own. I just told a friend that she must buy it for her new teacher daughter.  We need this book. Our kids, our readers, need us to have this book. Our visual teacher brains need this book!

If you do pick up this $40ish treasure (worth every penny,) let me know what you think!

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  1. Hi, Lyssa! I've never heard of this book. You have really perked my interest. Being a kindergarten teacher and knowing what 1st and 2nd grade expect, since I taught those grades too, I get in a place where I'm wondering if I'm truly giving my kinder cubs the skills and mindset to become good readers. Are there a lot of pages that show lessons on reading foundations such as phonemic awareness and comprehension for kindergarten? I was wondering before I go and buy it. Thanks!!


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