What We're Reading Sunday!

Sunday, July 19, 2015
Thank you for reading our (almost) weekly post-What We're Reading Sunday. 

T is reading a little something each day and just finished reading two gift books. These books are special because we received them in the mail a couple of weeks from my Aunt Abbie all the way from Texas. (We looked at that on the map, too!) Here I was thinking we had every brother book, but I was wrong! The books were such a nice surprise and T was thrilled to see Elephant and Piggie, too! He read both to M and almost finished them before M starting gnawing on the corners. :) 
I'm reading another professional read as part of a book study with some fab teachers from my school. 
Principles to Actions by NTCM authors describes and explains the eight essential teaching practices  needed for a high quality math education.  I would not call it a page turner, but it is an easy read. I'm learning and feeling validated and planning future questioning strategies in my head! Is it a must read? I'd say yes if you are not familiar with Common Core math standards and I say no if you are. In fact, I think maybe you should just spend time with your standards.

What are YOU reading?

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