Library Card!!!

Friday, June 13, 2014
Big news in the world of My Mommy Reads! We made a pit stop at the library today and T signed up for his very own library card!! AH!!!!!
Our librarian gave him a little talking to, had him sign his name and we were off to the children's section! 

Me, "Do you want me to hold your card while you look through books?"
T, "No mommy, I've got it." 

Hours later, we headed to the checkout. I asked if he wanted to do self checkout (that's new by the way) and he looked at me like I was crazy! He wanted to hand HIS card to the clerk! 
5 books for T, 1 Magic School Bus movie, and 1 book for Mommy later, we were done! 

Me, "That was so exciting!"
T, "I'll hold my card, but do you want to carry all these books?" 



  1. Getting a Library Card is a big deal in a young persons life, I am very happy for him!

    1. It sure is!! He loves it and even tried to pay with it at a store! :)

  2. Aww! Major big deal and totally presh!

    1. Thank you! We've been back twice. I think he is becoming an addict! :)


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