Design and Drill Socket to Me

Saturday, June 7, 2014
*We received the Design and Drill Socket To Me set from EI to review. We were not compensated and all opinions (as always) are our own.

Summer is here and we all know it can be hard keeping our little ones busy....especially on rainy days! 

Thank goodness my friends at Educational Insights sent us this Design and Drill Socket To Me set to review! It saved the day last week! We had read ten books, watched a cartoon, drawn pictures, played with Legos, played tag, etc. 

I was running out of options! 

I pulled out the Design and Drill box and we started phase two of rainy day fun!

He loved using the wrench to screw in the pieces. I couldn't help but think of how great this simple act was for building his finger muscles! 

The set comes with a plastic robot, boat, train, and car along with several tough, plastic screws and the wrench. We thought there would be a drill, but it was ok!

T had lots of fun lining these up, trying to hook them together, etc. Then we decided that this toy might be best for a newly 4 year old. In fact, we packed it up and shared it with our neighbor! He LOVES it and has even taken it to the pool for outdoor fun!

If you have a 4 year old in your life, check out the Design and Drill Socket To Me set from Educational Insights

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