What We're Reading Sunday!

Sunday, April 13, 2014
This week's What We're Reading Sunday includes some classics and new loves! 

T's reads for this week include....
He's a big fan of Brown Bear (me too!) and I love how when we read this one, I am the audience. I just smile and grin as he reads it to me. I'd love to freeze this moment in time!
A new member of our family, The Odd One Out is already a favorite. T loves the rhymes and finding the one creature who is slightly different than the rest. My first graders love it as well. We did a little close reading of the poems and they too loved finding the odd one out! 

Mommy's Reads....
I stumbled upon this book at our used bookstore. It is written by a local author about a special education student in middle school. He has been in small group his whole life and is looking to join the rest of the population. It has a few turns and the teacher (and mother) in me cried once or twice. It is happy though and I recommend it. Quick read, too.
I'm ashamed to admit that I had not read Number the Stars. until this week. I know! Shocking! As a HUGE Lois Lowry fan, I felt like it was time. I started and finished it within an hour. Lois Lowry is a master. This is not my usual read-war, Germans, Denmark. I mean, it's like the opposite of what I usually read. I loved it though. I'm actually going to read it again. Then, I'm going to read more of her works. I'm having my own Lois Lowry book club. I mean, how does one write Gooney Bird Greene AND The Giver AND this? Oh Lois Lowry, thank you!

What are you reading this week? 

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  1. As a fifth grade teacher who teaches WWII I absolutely LOVE Number the Stars! It's on our summer reading required list for upcoming 5th graders but I always reread it to them during the school year! :) Glad it was one of your reads!


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