What We're Reading Sunday!

Sunday, April 6, 2014
I know, I know. This What We're Reading Sunday post is cutting it pretty close!! Sorry! I've been doing lesson plans and prepping meals for the week! Yes, I waited to the last minute for that too! 

T's reads!
We picked this one up at Barnes and Noble. He said "TAJ MAHAL!" and I was sold. It is pretty cool! The info is not overwhelming and the pictures are fantastic! I like the whole series! There really is something for everyone, especially those looking for some social studies action!
I connected with Corey Rosen Schwartz on Twitter and I'm so glad I did! My class loves Three Ninja Pigs so T and I had to check out her newest one! We love it! He's a musician at heart, so this was a really big hit! 

As for Mommy, I read a couple of beach novels at the beach. (I KNOW!!! I ACTUALLY READ FOR FUN!) I also knocked out 2 magazines and caught up on 3 of my favorite blogs. In other news, I also practiced my piece for Listen To Your Mother Atlanta. Oooh, I haven't officially announced that yet! This week, I promise!!

What are you reading?

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