Education Nation 2012

Sunday, September 30, 2012
We're back from the Big Apple and WOW did I learn a lot! 
Here are a few tidbits from NBC's Education Nation 2012 Summit:

*Charter schools and public schools are in some kind of battle I do not understand. It appeared that you had to choose a side. My side is "what's best for kids and fix the schools we already have." That is apparently not a side. I have pledged to learn more. 

*Unions are very serious. My state does not have a big teacher's union, so again, I pledge to learn more.

*Lots of people with lots of money are making decisions about education. These people, more so than not, are NOT educators. 

*Everyone wants education to improve, the question is how. 

*This was not new to me, but worthy of sharing-the media has such bias. As a girl in the middle, I cheered for both nominees as they complimented teachers. I was hushed by one reporter when I cheered for one of the candidates. Eww! 2012 people! Live a little! 
Needless to say, I was worn out with information and had more questions than ever! Clock is ticking friends! T starts school in less than 24 months!

More to come!

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