Summer Lovin'

Thursday, June 16, 2016
Let's be honest. When summer rolls around each year, teachers are happy, really happy.

It is not because we do not love our students, we do. I do. I really do. There are other reasons out there you know? 

Here are a few of mine:

1. I have two, super cute little boys and one pretty cool husband at home and I love them, TOO.
2. I want to go to a workshop to learn something new and not have to do sub plans. UGH! Sub plans!
3. I want to stay up late reading a book-any book I want, and not have to teach small people the next day! 
4. I want to shop for my classroom and future students. It's true. I've already started.
5. I want to plan stuff that might not ever happen and dream up big, elaborate lessons and make lists that will never be completed and jot down ideas that might not ever come to fruition. I want to write! 
Teachers love summer because it is a break. It is a much needed break. We need to recharge, not only for ourselves, but for our students. 

With that, happy summer teachers! Cheers to you and whatever your reason is! 


  1. I love summer too!! For so many reasons... doesn't mean we love our jobs or students any less! Hooray for summer!

    1. That's right! Hooray for summer! Now about this heat.......

  2. Very well said!! Yes! I feel the same way! REJUVENATE!! Thanks, Lyssa!


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