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Thursday, August 28, 2014
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I was standing in Kroger, on the peanut butter aisle when my best friend called. I don't remember her exact words, but I remember everything sounding muffled. Not because she was crying, but because I was shocked. Her Dad, Mr. Tim, had cancer.
Photo courtesy of Michele and Ashley!
Mr. Tim, now a proud survivor, had lymphoma. I'm embarrassed to say, I was not even sure what kind of cancer that was. Michele taught me though. Lymphoma is blood cell cancer and it impacts people of all ages. She filled me in and even when I wasn't really sure what she was talking about, I listened. I cried when we were on the phone. I cried when we weren't. I couldn't believe it. If I couldn't believe it, how on Earth could his wife and daughters feel? 

Fast forward seven years (HOW HAS IT BEEN SEVEN YEARS) and Mr. Tim is doing great. Not only that, Michele and her amazing sister Ashley have started working with LLS (Leukemia Lymphoma Society) Light the Night to raise money for a cure. I interviewed these super sisters and I'd love to share it with you!
Photo Courtesy of Michele and Ashley!
Why LLS Light the Night?
We were so grateful Dad made it through. We just wanted other people to be cured just like him. 

How did you guys start raising money?
In our short three years of fundraising, we've asked for donations through our giving page, sold t-shirts, hosted home parties and donated the proceeds, and this year we are also having a bake sale! I'm happy to report we have raised almost $2,000!!

How is the actual Light the Night walk?
The walk is amazing. Everyone is handed an illuminated balloon. Red for supporters, white for survivors, gold for those who have passed on. Seeing all the people, knowing everyone has been what we have been through is amazing. Seeing the gold balloons makes me extremely sad, but grateful that I am not carrying one. They have tons of activities for the kids~jumpy houses, cotton candy, face painting, someone making balloon animals etc. They also have food catered from local restaurants. When its time for the actual walk, the speaker gives everyone a pep talk, and leads everyone in prayer. We all get together and ready set go and then we take off (walking lol!!) A local high school band played music for us and their cheerleaders cheered us on. The walk is about 1.7 miles, not very long but seeing everyone walking together, and knowing we are all there for the EXACT same reason makes me feel good. i look over at the person next to me, smile and they smile back, its like we all have this connection. it makes me feel good being down there, like I'm helping someone that i know, even though I don't know them ---like I'm helping a friend, thats what it feels like.
How does it feel to have friend and family support you and your LLS mission?
The support we have been getting from our family and friends feels AMAZING!!!! Every time we recieve a donation from somone, i just want to cry. It's not the amount that matters, just knowing that they took the time out to log in to the site, go through all the clicks, get their credit card out, make that donation, etc. That means the world to me (us). it makes my heart smile. i know im sounding corny, but it really does.
This fall, I'll be supporting LLS through Michele's giving page and I hope to attend the Light the Night event! I'll also be spreading the word about leukemia. It's time to shine a light on finding cures and providing access to treatments for blood 
cancer patients.

You can help, too! This year, Sylan Learning is partnering with LLS through Light the Night, with a commitment to raise $250,000! They are also (WOW!!) donating more than 12,000 hours of free tutoring in communities nationwide to help young blood cancer patients and their families with the transition back to school. (Teacher in me is smiling ear to ear!)

Join me this year, and walk the walk! There are nearly 200 Light the Night events this fall!
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  1. I love the sweet photos in this post! The walk nearest to me is in Mobile. :)

  2. There is a walk in Boston on 10/9

  3. This is a great post for a very good cause. I understand how your friends feel--my husband is a 14 year cancer survivor. I do fundraisers to help Oral Cancer suvivors, and it always makes me feel good to know I have helped in some small way.

  4. There is a walk in Atlanta about 85 miles away from me.

  5. Saturday October 11, 2014 05:00 PM EST
    Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, GA

  6. It's very inspiring to know stories about people who conquered the big "C". It is a disease that is very difficult to deal with and I know that the support of family and friends help a person in combatting the disease.


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