Look Alikes...So Cool!

Sunday, January 20, 2013
We were recently introduced to the world of Look Alikes. Have you seen these oldies, but goodies?
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They are large books with AmAzInG pictures created by everyday objects. So the picture might look like the Taj Majal, but it is really made out of onion tops, ballet slippers and lace. The readers job is to find the look alike objin each picture. Amazing illustrations, limited, but informative text, and hours, oh hours of happy, vocabulary building conversations that build conceptual understanding! See if you can find the look alikes in these pics!

T loves them! He sits and looks at the pictures and identifies all of the cool objects. Best part? He has started creating his own! Love, love, love! 

Check the thrift stores or used book stores for these treasures! They will be great for the 4-9 crowd!

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