His Favorite Books.....Today

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
So T is becoming quite the picky one. Our nighttime stories are becoming well, anything but nighttimeish. I am assuming this is part of the "trick mommy and daddy into letting me stay up later bit" and as usual, I fall for it every time. He is 3 3/4 now and is "reading all by myself mommy." Umm....whatevs. Here are his faves right now. 

Tails is a touchy feely book (literally) and he loves it. He loves "reading" the animal names and talking about what is going on in each picture. This book is a Matthew Van Fleet creation.

Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings is another Matthew Van Fleet book and T is a big fan! The pages open and the last pages opens "a long mile." He is all about animals right now and the short, sweet interactive stories are right up his alley.

These books are also fantastic because they feature the less famous animals and popular ones. Pandolins, koalas, and....ducks. We are learning while touching cool textures and opening flaps.

Do you have a favorite touchy feely book? Please share! I'm looking to add to his collection! Happy reading!

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