What do you want to be when you grow up?

Saturday, January 7, 2012
The year was 1987. The grade was 5th. The teacher was Bill Goodwin (also happens to be my favorite teacher!) 
Assignment: Interview yourself when you are 25. What will you be when you grow up? 

Did I write about being a teacher? No. a lawyer? Nope. an actress (my secret dream?) NO!
I wrote about being an author. Not just any author, but a children's book author. Now when I say that I have always wanted to be an author, looks like I have a leg to stand on. Who knew?
 I was also going to have 5 children by the age if 25. WHAT? I wasn't even married at 25. 
 139 books published! People ask me for autographs when I walk down the street! I even used the word "clobbered." Impressive!
Please not the handwriting. Handwriting (and conduct) were the only C's I received in 5th grade. (The other grades were A's, I promise!) 
Look at that little shout out to PTA and teachers! Even in 5th grade, I knew how important parents and teachers are. Thanks Mom and Dad!
Apparently, my books will be made into films, as well. AWESOME!
But what did the 5th grade me look like? BAM! Here I am with my Dad (rocking the shorties) and my little sis, T (rocking the bangs.) 
I may be 9 years behind on that goal of becoming a children's book author, but I have no regrets. I love being a teacher and mommy and there is always tomorrow! Wait...I do have one regret, I wish I would have kept that totally awesome Batman shirt!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

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  1. Oh my, you made Bill's day.. He said he always knew you were a wonderful person and knew you would turn out to be something special no matter what you chose. He blushed you know, thank you for making his night! The Batman shirt was the bomb!


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