Books Make It Better, Part II

Monday, November 21, 2011
The goal was small-500 books in one week. The response was HUGE
My fabulous school collected 696 books for women and children's shelters in the Atlanta area. We sorted the books into groups-preschool, primary, older kids, and adults. It was so exciting to count the books and look at them! N and I dropped off the totes full of books to the Children's Restoration Network today.

I can only imagine the looks on the children's faces as they thumb through Dr. Seuss, Magic Tree House, Harry Potter, Amelia Bedelia, and so many others!
Thank you Reach Out and Read! Thank you Jen! Thank you Mom Congress! Thank you ESE students and parents!
Now for an update.....we'll be doing it again in January!

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  1. I am Jen's Mom and am so proud of all of you who are making lives better through helping others know the joy that comes from books. Jen's Aunt Jill was a librarian and helped to love reading. Your children are learning important lessons about sharing with others who they will never even know.

    Books do make everything better!


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