You're not taking T, ARE YOU???

Sunday, October 9, 2011
We heard this EVERY single time we told someone we were going to Disney World. Did that stop us? No way! We had been planning the trip for years...literally. My niece A, my sisters, T, and N would head to Orlando for a few days of family fun!

Let me just say, if I could do it all again-I would! I think my sister and N would agree! A was 5 and T had just turned 2. It was awesome! T was so excited at every turn, that he was too busy to be grumpy. A was showing T the ropes and entertaining the rest of us.

The month was February and the crowds were gone. We waited in short lines...well, except for the princesses. But after watching them make such a deal over A and T, it was worth it! We hit every park over a four day period. It was actually just right.

I should mention we had a fabulous guide family with us~~The Carlsons. They know Disney World like the back of their hand. That is actually my first "Disney with a Toddler" recommendation--Go with a friend! Between the 5 adults, 2 big kids and 2 little kids, we were covered! Restroom breaks and long line breaks were totally doable!

My second big recommendation is~~Pack the Capri Suns and don't be embarrassed about it! You could spend a small fortune on drinks for people who were free to enter!

3. Know your potties.  This is serious. Look at the maps, but be sure to make use of the facilities at the restrooms you visit. I mean, you might as well!

4. (and my favorite) Use the Disney World reservation page! This handy dandy page allowed us to make reservations days in advance (we changed our mind once or twice) AND gave us up to the hour availability so we could call and try to get into a hot spot. This allowed us to eat at Les Chefs de France in Epcot! YUM!

5. Take every picture! While the staff takes their pics, take your own pics, too. I wanted to both live the moment and remember the moment. Disney makes that possible. Pick up a photo card, but don't be shy-take your own pics, too.

Our trip was very special for so many reasons.

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